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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why dont I watch free satellite TV program on PC?


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Nowadays we see more and more vendors are selling software that enables consumer to watch satellite TV program on their PC. The set up of the satellite-to-pc system is unbelievable cheap and I believe it attracts lots of consumer trying it. While it might suits someone’s appetite, satellite-to-pc system is definitely not for me at the moment.

The reason behind? Here’s why.

Reliability of free satellite TV program on PC

The consistency of satellite-to-PC program highly depends on the quality of my Internet services. While my Internet service provider (ISP) do regularly fail to give me high speed Internet and sometimes even server down, it in turn bring down my other entertainment – TVs in case I am using satellite-to-pc program. 

Then how about PC system? Virus attacks, bugs in operating systems, Trojan files – all these might cause you hours to format and fix. When these problems come in, it goes directly to my so call PC satellite TV as well where I might need to reinstall the satellite-to-PC software and reset all my program channels.

Complicated installation

I think satellite-to-PC program is a cool product but personally I am worry about the complicating set up process. From a consumer point of view, transferring satellite TV program to PC requires set up in computer hardware and installation of software; it does not look simple to me. But, if we want a satellite-to-PC program, we need to do all this by ourselves – what if something went wrong during the set up process? What if I screw up? Is there someone that I can call to? The question remains unanswered in most of the vendor website I visited.

Comparing satellite-to-PC with normal satellite TV service

Okay, once again I have to stress that I am extremely impressed with the price of satellite-to-PC service when compare to my usual satellite TV service. With most of the case, setting up satellite-to-pc is even cheaper than half of my monthly subscription fees in Dish Network.

But cheap is one thing, entertainment is another. I certainly do not enjoy watching at my small computer screen for TV entertainments. I certainly do not enjoy all my family members sitting crowded in my room look at my 19” monitor… and I certainly do not enjoy transferring my house into cable house if I ever thought of transferring the TV image from my PC to my TV at living room.


Personally I would not choose free satellite TV on PC over my Dish Network. Yes, I do pay extra for the satellite TV program subscriptions, but I enjoy the entertainment, I got full customer service support from them, and I get free four room satellite TV system from them.

But hey! That is my personal point of view. It might not suit you though. Who knows you enjoy working at your table while watching PC TV? Who knows you prefer budget stuffs compare to top notch entertainment? It depends.

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